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Frequently Asked Questions -- F.A.Q.

QUESTION:  How much will it cost?

ANSWER:  Good question, and usually one of the first things a new customer asks when they call.  But unfortunately it's not the right question.  What seems like a major problem could be a minor repair or adjustment.  So the real question should be "can you diagnose the problem I am having".  It just doesn't make sense to try and guess a cost if you don't know what the problem is.  So we always start with a no charge TransCheck service.  It tells us if the problem is electrical (simple), external (simple), or internal (so the transmission may have to come out and apart).  If some shop gives you a "guesstimate": a) you could be paying too much for a simple repair; b) they could be very lucky and have guessed correctly; or c) they could have guessed too low and can't afford to fix it correctly.


QUESTION:  But I know / I have been told that the transmission is bad. You must do a lot of these, can't you just give me a price?

ANSWER:  If we assume (you already know what that means) that the problem is internal, that "limits" it to well over a hundred different parts.  Depending on which parts are bad, the cost can vary widely.  So unless you want an estimate of $200 to $2000, the only way to be accurate is to properly diagnose the problem ... that could mean taking the transmission out and apart (which we call an "RCI", for remove, check, and install).  In any case, be sure you don't pay for an overhaul when all you get is a repair (see below).


QUESTION:  What is the difference between a repair and an overhaul?

ANSWER:  A repair would be indicated if the transmission is in relatively good condition and can be made to function correctly again by replacing a bad part ... for example a failed sensor, a leaking seal, or a broken band.  A repair would carry a 90 day warranty for work performed.  An overhaul (when properly done, this is the same as a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission) would be indicated if the transmission is generally worn out or has suffered extensive damage due to a failed part.  Here our certified technicians bring the transmission back to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications by replacing all worn/defective parts and including available updates.  An overhaul would carries 18 month/18,000 mile parts and labor warranty.  

QUESTION:  Is a used transmission a good option?

ANSWER:  A used (salvage) transmission is usually a less expensive option, but it comes with some risk.  There is sometimes a reason the transmission (and its donor vehicle) was found in a salvage yard ... it could be bad.  A used transmission generally carries a 30 to 90 day parts only warranty.  So if it is bad the salvage yard will replace the transmission, but YOU have to pay the added labor to remove and replace it.  We always recommend that your original transmission comes out and apart first, so you have an accurate cost of repair or overhaul to compare with the risk and cost of a salvage unit.

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